Two events took place in Liverpool in November and December 2022 thanks to a Wellcome Research Enrichment Public Engagement award (grant ref.: 209842/Z/17/A). These events, ‘dance soirees’ brought research from the ‘Growing Old in the Soviet Union, 1945-1991’ project (Wellcome Trust grant no: 209842/Z/17/Z) to the public and enriched the ongoing research of team members.

A unique collaboration between historians, choreographer, composer, and dancers, the events spurred discussion about ageing, Soviet history, and the process of expressing research through dance and music.

‘Growing Old live dance performance, Unity Theatre, November 2022’. Photo credits: Daniel Lewis Wilson


The first dance soiree took place at Unity Theatre in November. This saw the live performance of ‘Growing Old’ and was followed by discussion between the project team members, choreographer, composer, dancers, and members of the public. This live event was filmed and screened at FACT in December for the second dance soiree.







Members of the public completed questionnaires after both events. These anonymous questionnaires included questions about the dance, ageing, and older people.

‘Discussion after the live performance of ‘Growing Old’
Unity Theatre, November 2022 & FACT, December 2022