Ageing and Gerontology after 1945: Situating the Soviet Case

Thursday 5 December – Moot Room, John Foster Building, Mount Pleasant, L3 5UZ

1.00pm Welcome and Introduction: Aleksandra Brokman with Susan Grant
1.15-2.15pm Keynote 1: Key Issues in Ageing and Gerontology
Chair: Aleksandra Brokman
Susan Pickard (University of Liverpool)

2.15-2.45pm Refreshments

2.45-4.00pm Panel 1: International Comparisons: Germany and the UK
Chair: Botakoz Kassymbekova (LJMU)
James Chappel (Duke University), Socialist and Capitalist Styles of Aging in Post-war Germany
Pat Thane (Birkbeck, London), Ageing and Gerontology in the UK after 1945
Disc: Donald Filtzer (University of East London)

Comfort break 4.00-4.15pm

4.15-5.30pm Panel 2: Soviet Gerontology and Geriatrics
Chair: James Crossland
Isaac McKean Scarborough (LJMU), A New Science for an Old(er) Population: Soviet Gerontology and Geriatrics in International Comparative Perspective
Susan Grant (LJMU), Elder Health in the Soviet Union: Developing and Delivering Care through Geriatric Services
Disc: Stephen Lovell (Kings College London)

7pm Dinner  (Damas)

Friday 6 December – Room 111A, John Foster Building, Mount Pleasant, L3 5UZ

10.00-11.15am  Panel 3: Older Selves and Female Identities in Russia and Ukraine
Chair: Tom Beaumont
Botakoz Kassymbekova (LJMU), An “egoist” Babushka: Gender, Family Roles and Aging in the Soviet Union
Alissa Klots (University of Pittsburgh), Babii Vek: Women Activists on Aging and Womanhood
Disc: Elena Zdravomyslova (European University St. Petersburg)

Comfort Break 11.15-11.30am

11.30-13.00 pm Panel 4: Mental Health and Ageing
Chair: James Whitehead (LJMU)
Aleksandra Brokman (LJMU), ‘A Golden Autumn’: Soviet Mental Hygiene and Psychoprophylaxis of Old Age
Claire Hilton, Early years of Mental Health Services for Older People in England, c.1940 – 1970
Andrea Bělehradová (Masaryk University), Mental Health and Sexuality of Ageing Women and Men in Czechoslovakia during State Socialism
Disc: James Whitehead

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-3.00pm Concluding Comments and Discussion
Stephen Lovell (Kings College London)
Elena Zdravomyslova (European University St. Petersburg)
Donald Filtzer (University of East London)
Susan Grant (LJMU)